In Nursery today...


Each day the children have access to a variety of resources.

Our Practitioners create planning based on the child's interests and next steps that have been planned for their development.

However we encourage free play for the children. This means that they can change and extend their play using other resources within the room.

The children can choose from the following areas.


Small World; Dolls house, Wild animals, Dinosaurs, Happy Street, Cars, etc.

Construction; Lego, Bricks, Shapes, Gears, Magnets, Patterns, etc.

Roleplay Corner; Home, Kitchen, Tool bench, Dressing up, Seasonal changes, etc.

Fine Motor; Puzzles, Number Recognition games, Shapes, Numicon, etc.

Malleable; Play dough, Rice, Pasta threading, Gloop, Flour, Shaving Foam, etc.

Sand; Buckets and Spades, Shells, Animals, Tweezers, Sand Wheel, Moulds, etc.

Water; Fish and Nets, Sea Creatures, Jugs and Funnels, Water chutes, etc.

Mr Messy; Pens, Paper, Glue, Paint, Scissors, Tissue paper, Card, etc.


These are a small selection of the activities your child has access too in a session at nursery.

Along side these choices there is also and adult planned activity that may be based on Maths, Phonics, Seasons, Events or our topic. The children have the choice to take part in this activity during play.

Our inside play is also reflected in the garden. The children have access to all of the above areas in the garden alongside bikes, a climbing frame, balance beams and investigation games. We also plan to have a plant growing house very soon!

If you wish to know what your child has specifically played with please ask their key person at pick up time or, if it is busy, please call us in the next session.

Here are pictures from our Open Evening. We set up a selection of activities on tables to show parents what is on offer in an average day at nursery.

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